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When fellow fragrance lovers share their experiences, it helps you find out which fragrances are best suited for you, which ones you must try, ones you probably won't like, or points you to niche corners you would never have found out about.


More than that, a community of scent junkies who share their impressions lets everyone enjoy their fragrances more. You learn so much through others, and it's amazing how many new notes and nuances you pick up that you never would have had a fellow frag lover not shared their experience. 

You'd be surprized how pondering and writing about your olfactory journey lets you dive deeper into this magical world. It helps fine tune your senses, your thoughts, and can enrich your experience tenfold. That's why many keep 'scent journals',  and why for many the practice is active meditation.


Have you heard how some people capture special moments, places, or holidays through scent? Reserve a certain oil or incense and first use it for a special occasion, when visiting a certain place, or when meeting someone special. Nothing brings back memories more powerfully, more vividly than smells. You'd be in a different country and 10 years older, but the scent of tuberose can throw you right back to that special moment, all those years ago, as if you were just there. 

So, be the bee and spread the pollon! Share your thoughts, your likes, dislikes, your recommendations, olfactory journeys, insights and delights with us—we're all better off for it!