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Tigerlust Parfum


An exotic, sensual parfum that blends ambergris, blackcurrant, and musks in a lake of osmanthus and oh so marvelous oud...

  • This isn’t a composition for those who take comfort in tameness. Ensar Oud (EO) has faithfully dispensed with convention, embracing the danger and excitement of daring, unprecedented aromatic contrasts using natural materials in concentrations deemed insane by industrial perfumery.


    Tigerlust is a musk-laced, punchy-sweet, jungle race, on loose sand with an expert driver at the helm.


    And that’s before it goes on skin.


    It’s just as hard to classify as it is to put down. What will you call it? A woody oriental? A fruity leather? Some kind of Fougère? It doesn’t matter.


    Tigerlust will make you forget about classifications.


    Ensar Oud definitely didn’t hold back on the oud and musk which become a supple canvas upon which bright flowers, pomelo, herbaceous green, and santal vibes blossom in full before yielding to a slightly sweet, slightly animalic dark-wood evoking the intimate sweetness of skin and disclosing the powerful allure of Siberian musk, a hallmark Ensar Oud’s parfum work.




    Top: Punchy citrus and fruit

    Heart: Sweet Aromatic spices, bright green herbs

    Base: Mature aromatic woods, smooth sandalwood, Siberian musk


    There are many facets and accords that emerge from this fragrance which are the result of the complex interplay of genuine deer musk, osmantus, and other natural ingredients with skin. Because those facets and accords are not the result of individually chosen aromachemicals, so their manifestation can vary from person to person. For that reason, I have avoided describing them in detail.


    What I can assure you of, though, is that what you have read here is only the tip of the iceberg. So please don’t take this as a script for your journey with this exceptional fragrance.


    Punchy-sweet jungle races can’t be scripted!


    As is the case with all EO parfums, you will enjoy, with Tigerlust, the full, satisfying character that is the unmistakable result of a perfume base composed of only authentic naturals. That base is then blended with perfumer’s alcohol to its, in this case parfum, concentration.




    So you are not getting a “formula” based on chemicals deliberately chosen to minimize cost while exploiting “aromatic components” market surveys indicate will be appealing to whatever demographic you happen to be in. That is chemistry and economics.


    This is art.


    Each composition is an ode to the precious materials used and a testament to Ensar Oud’s love and gratitude for the creation and very existence of such exquisite aromatics.


    So accept, if you will, this invitation to exit the fast lane of cleverly designed scent products marketed to convince you to pretend they are more than just that, and let Tigerlust mark your entry into a new world of aromatic appreciation.

  • I am extremely impressed once again, TIGERLUST is such a well balanced fragrance that suits my tastes perfectly.  All of the notes work to compliment and support each other, rather than fight each other to be the star of the show.  If I was going to describe it in one sentence....Tropical flowers wrapped up in a cashmere blanket of oud and musk.  Smooth, balanced, and blended to perfection.  – Scott, US


    Got TIGERLUST on now and zoning out to its exotic power and beauty. The opening is like the best parts of all of your parfums distilled, refined, and elevated… and the drydown is Oud bliss!


    Have to see what it does in the open air and wind… but for now I am, as always, impressed by the delicate power of your work. – Steve, NY


    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new #1 Champion… TIGERLUST!!! As far as Parfums go, this is Ensar's Magnum Opus! – Van Glorius


    I'll take this over War & Peace any day. That's really the only one the notes come close to comparing to. Bortnikoff really doesn't go this direction of heavy musk. In his lineup, I don't know anything I would compare to this. This is heavily about deer musk and having that as your dry down which lasts over twelve hours. This is some of the longest lasting perfume I have, just like EO No 2...

    I just put it on and am floored. This is a full on ensemble happening on my skin.

    Big Words, Big Perfume backing up those words. Ensar put everything into this one.

    This is heavily about deer musk and having that as your dry down which lasts over twelve hours. This is some of the longest lasting perfume I have, just like EO No 2.

    This is the one. It combines all of his best work. – Therapeutic Fragrance | See Therapeutic Fragrance's Review on YouTube


    It's definitely got aspects of EO No 1, EO No 2, EO Private Blend, Iris Ghalia... In saying that, I guess what that really means is that I can now recognize the Ensar-aid, the fragrance DNA that is imprinted in all of his Parfum creations. However, there are nuanced as well as marked differences in each and every one of them. If you can understand what those differences are you will also understand the artistry behind it. The real beauty of his work is what it does in the open air and in the wind, how it reacts to ones body heat and chemistry... the way that they react to the seasons and temperature, and any and all combinations in between.

    Iris Ghalia, if you've smelled it, you'll notice that the musk is front and center and the beautiful florals envelope it. TIGERLUST is very similar but the way that it is done is a step above that of Iris Ghalia. Not better but different. It's like with music — you can use bass and drums (Musk) as the anchor... and guitar, keys, horns, synths (Oud, Iris, Osthmantus, etc) for rhythm, melody and lead. – Steve, USA


    I am 1hr into my first wearing of TIGERLUST and its been a roller-coaster thus far. I must admit when I first lifted the cap and smelt it from the atomizer - I was slightly disappointed - it smelt VERY similar to Iris Ghalia from the cap. And then I sprayed it on skin and that is where the fun started. The opening 5-10 mins is reminiscent of EO No 1, a burst of oud, civet and rose.. in fact my partner asked if I was wearing EO1... .. but then at approximately the 10 min mark it U-turns, and the EO1 "accord" recedes, and now I'm smelling one the most amazing frangipani notes Ive ever experienced. Its frangipani soaking in a buttery feel - which must be from the orris root. The frangipani is not that dissimilar to (dare I say) the frangapani note in Plumeria de Orris - from that other great house (the similarities between the two fragrances end there).

    Its an interesting first 1hr. There is a constant shift back and forth between a leathery vibe (the castoreum or civet?) and the floral-buttery feel of the frangipani and orris... Just when I think the frangipani is gone, it rears its head again.

    At about the 1hr-90 min mark there is a temporary shift again - this time the accord reminds me of Iris Ghalia (again) - it's the blackcurrent and ambergris starting to emerge. The blackcurrent stage doesnt last too long, and then it seems to move to a spicey, peppery musk (ensar list sichuan pepper as an ingredient).. not tooo dissimilar to EO2...

    Anyway, I'm at 2.5 hrs. The first comment was that this is like a "best of" of Ensar's work but amplified and enhanced..... and I think that is very accurate if you are familiar with his other creations. In the space of 2.5 hrs ive experienced aspects EO1, IG and EO2 - but certainly enhanced and more refined. – OB, Korea


    If anyone here is familiar with the X Men, this fragrance is Mystique. The shapeshifter of the fragrance universe. Complex... and it will take many wearings for me to fully understand.

    I am in the middle of a full wearing today (despite it being pretty hot here lol). This fragrance is brilliant. If you're a fan of animalic, oud, floral fragrances it's a safe bet. It isn't pungent or offensive.

    Opens up like some kind of hybrid of EO NO 1 + Iris Ghalia, ambergris, musk and some light fruity floral notes. As it progresses some iris, blackcurrant, more florals and some clean oud (by clean I mean no barnyard) becomes apparent.

    That's about it for now. Let's see how it develops from here. – AD, Australia