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 "game over. No need to try any other santal anymore"


This is not just another commercial sandalwood offering. Zaza Haus' santals are distinguished by their vintage (wood from the 70s/80s) and artisan  distillation methods. Accessories are hand crafted with precision and balance to please the senses and the supple, enchanting scent will enthrall. Go ahead and see for yourself.

uses & benefits of sandalwood


Sandalwood’s association with the spiritual is so ancient and profound that it transcends cultures and religions. Throughout the Far East, Asia Minor, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, sandalwood’s unmistakable, honeyed sweetness can be discerned as incense in churches, mosques, temples, as well as on prayer beads and other devotional objects carved from it.


Still, sandalwood’s appeal is by no means confined to the devotional as no fashion-forward boutique, or fragrance house, in the east or west, could do without it in some form or the other. Even designer fragrances, that eschew the natural, must at least try to mimic sandalwood’s magic with contrived “accords” bearing its name.


Few materials can serve the spiritual and sensual with the smooth charm of sandalwood. And very few sandalwood offerings on the internet come close to Zaza’s outrageously fastidious standards.

Health benefits

Sandalwood is every bit as safe as it is supple and can even be found in food and beverages as a flavoring. The wood itself is burned as an incense or made into engravings, and the oil—distilled from the powered wood—is used as an aromatic ingredient in cosmetics and perfume compositions or as a perfume on its own.


Practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine prescribe sandalwood oil, orally, as a stimulant and diuretic, and the paste, topically, to treat skin irritation. Indeed, modern studies suggest sandalwood possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and anti-proliferative properties making it potentially useful in dealing with skin disorders confirming, somewhat, what practitioners of traditional medicine have said in that regard.


Yet, no expensive studies are required to affirm sandalwood’s seductively soothing, and relaxing aromatic powers. All you need for that is a sniff.


"Craftsmanship is top notch. Beads are smooth, heavy and visually enchanting. My wife put it on the other day and loved it. So I guess I will be needing another one!"

– Chris, USA

"The quality of your products is beyond words. The Mysore is unlike any sandal I have ever smelled (and I grew up in the 60s and 70s)."

– Cindy, USA