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 "Experiencing it is like marveling at a 4D glyph"


If you have had enough of the one hundred and one excuses for keeping the magic of real musks away from people then you are in the right place. This is the real dealactual musk from Siberian deer and ambergis from the ocean. Experience nature's olfactory wonders as they were meant to be experienced! 

uses & benefits of muskS


Musk scents and materials, also called animalics, are derived from actual animals, and they smell the part. It seems like the internet is filled with articles on perfumery describing animalic materials with terms like “raw” and “sensuous”, while all but confining them to the background role of fixatives that make perfume compositions last longer. Authors will often triumphantly point out that animalics today are almost always synthetic replacements.


Now while all of that is true of the perfume industry’s approach to animalics, I must take strong objection to the persistently common, rather casual, suggestion that the synthetics are just as good as the originals. Let me be clear on this: Nothing could be further from the truth...


Animalics have been around for about as long as fragrances. In perfumery, the animalic tripartite of musk, ambergris, and civet are also valued as medicines.


  • Musk has been used, in ancient Chinese and Greek medicine, to treat conditions like stroke, nerve disorders, and heart disease. Modern scientific studies have demonstrated promising anti-cancer properties as well.

  • Ambergris has been used by practitioners of traditional medicine to treat muscle spasms, typhoid, and as a stimulant. Some studies on animals suggest that ambergris may be effective in lowering blood glucose levels.

  • Civet has been used as a pain reliever and sedative. Practitioners of Chinese medicine consider it to be an effective substitute for musk.


I sniffed Ambra 76 and I used a tiny dip with a toothpick, its soft, buttery and potent at the same time. An aged Mysore blended very well with ambergris give it an amazing velvety smell that anyone will appreciate it.

— Khalid, USA

How wonderful! I hope to be back for more soon!!

— Steven, USA