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The finest frankincense resins, oils, and hydrosols, all from the source in Oman, are here for you to explore. Whether your interest is perfumery, healing, or meditation, the vivacious brightness and ethereal minerality of this personally acquired material simply has be be experienced to be  believed!

uses & benefits of Frankincense


From the mountains of Tibet to the Temple of Solomon, thousands of years of spirituality and mystical experience attest to the mystique and appeal of frankincense. Add to that scientific studies showing potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, and suddenly even modernity finds itself extolling the virtues of this ancient aromatic. 


It defined trade routes and made empires in the ancient world, becoming worth more than its weight in gold by the time it was offered to the infant Jesus.


For me though, even without that impressive background on paper, an evening with frankincense speaks for itself. Experience can confirm the mythical status of this substance in ways that mere words cannot…

  1. Boosts immune system

  2. Improves oral health

  3. Astringent properties

  4. Regulates menstruation

  5. Prevents gas build-up

  6. Treats scars & skin conditions

  7. Promotes digestion

  8. Anticancer properties

  9. Delays aging

  10. Reduces respiratory issues

  11. Relieves stress & anxiety

Health Benefits


“The Frank tears and oil are excellent, thanks! I appreciate you offering it for about the same price I'd expect to find in a vitamin/supplement store from an unknown brand” — Customer

“I have some Frank tears that are of lower quality and it’s VERY obvious vs the high end stuff from you that I have.” — Customer