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precious florals

uses & benefits of Florals

ABOUT Precious Florals

It’s not possible to overstate the importance of florals to fine fragrance. Florals are the essences extracted from flowers and they—particularly rose and jasmine—have been the beating heart of perfumery almost from its inception, and for very good reason. That very good reason is pure sensory delight. Flowers neither look nor smell like other beautiful things.


They make things beautiful.


So enthralling is that beauty that most fine perfumes up to the end of the 1800s where based on a single floral essence with few or no other notes. Even today in a world of complex compositions laced with synthetics, it would be well near impossible to find a perfume that didn’t contain floral notes. Yet there is more to the allure of natural rose, for example, than just a great note.


While clinical evidence concerning the potential physiological effects of scents in general is lacking, studies have shown some florals to be effective as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, as mood enhancers, and at boosting brain function.


Aromatherapists maintain that some florals assist with suppressing depression, repairing damaged skin, treating infections, and rectifying hormone imbalances.

Whatever may be said of such claims, I’m sure that if you try Zaza’s florals you will be left with no doubt concerning their power to bring a smile to your face and, just maybe, put love in the air!


I'm truly happy with Japanese Rose. I was lucky enough to get a sample previously, and I truly fell in love, this is what rose is supposed to smell like.

— Guy, USA

In case of Japanese Rose, it's an amazing smell and potent. it just reminds me of Al Taif rose... It lasts for a few hours on my skin with tiny dip.

— Khalid, USA