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Artisanal Perfumes

For fifteen years, Ensar has distinguished himself as something of an iconoclast in the natural perfume world through his unstinting use of the very finest quality natural materials in compositions that represent the triumph of olfactory art over the mere business of scent.

EO Parfums bring that iconoclastic ethos to the vaporisateur spray perfume. These compositions are alcohol-based and are available in pure parfum and eau de parfum concentrations, yet any similarities to mainstream vaporisateur spray perfumes end there.

a tale of mastery

For the presentation of this elite parfum lineup, Ensar Oud collaborated with legendary leather master Habib Dingle.


The result is a handsome work of unpretentious polish in the form of hefty French glass in a jacket of full-grain, Italian calf hide, capped with dark wood that hints appropriately at the contemplative beauty and refinement of these parfums.  


EO2 is for me today the only real representation of the deer Musk that has enchanted entire generations.

– Vincenzo, Italy

I barely contained myself from spraying half the bottle from head to toe… 


A rare exception to my current fragrance cynicism, malaise, apathy, contempt or boredom.

– Kafkaesque