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 "artisanal oud is something else entirely"


uses & benefits of agarwood


It would be no exaggeration to describe agarwood, also called oud and aloeswood, as the crown jewel of the fragrance world, ancient and modern.


It has been called everything from “the scent of Heaven” to “the cure of diseases” in its historical rise to becoming the rarest, most sought after aromatic on Earth—the oil easily commands over thirty-five thousand US dollars per kilogram.


As you can well imagine, the market that emerges around a material of such value can hardly be free of intrigue, fakery, and fraud. It is not uncommon for oils sold as pure to be adulterated with everything from vetiver to vegetable oil which can make procurement of the real material painfully difficult...


Whether it is ancient Greek, Indian, or Chinese medicine, agarwood has been highly valued, historically, for its therapeutic properties. To this day, agarwood is prized by practitioners of Chinese medicine, who maintain that it is effective in treating various anxiety and stress related disorders.

Indeed, the complex molecular structure of agarwood suggests its potential usefulness as a drug, yet its rarity and high cost hinder scientific research with the result that credible studies looking at agarwood's potential as a modern drug will likely remain unavailable for some time.


Zaza zen is a beautiful Oud and I like it allot. It is, to say the least, very rich and and full of resinous vapour.


It is worth every penny I have paid and I will love wearing it often. It is very addictive and meditative.

— Arfan, UK

Because expectations are high, they are likely not to be fulfilled. Not in this case. Or as Frank Zappa once said, "Everything is the opposite of what it is." My best decision this year, my order of Zaza Zen: SPLENDID!!

— Erhard, Austria