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EO PArfums

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For fifteen years, Ensar has distinguished himself as something of an iconoclast in the natural perfume world through his unstinting use of the very finest quality natural materials in compositions that represent the triumph of olfactory art over the mere business of scent.


EO Parfums bring that iconoclastic ethos to the vaporisateur spray perfume. These compositions are alcohol-based and are available in pure parfum and eau de parfum concentrations, yet any similarities to mainstream vaporisateur spray perfumes end there.


True to form, EO Parfums make use of Ensar’s exquisite palette of natural essential oils, extracts, resins, and genuine, ethically sourced animalics including deer-musk and ambergris.


Bucking the diktat of an industry apparently content with contrived mélanges of synthetics that purport to better naturals, EO parfums offer opulent, artful, compositions possessed of a beauty and vitality that only nature can deliver.


A Tale of Mastery


Rebel. Wolf. Regalia. Cuir.

It's all here and it's all real.







EO No 1 is an oud master's unique take on leather and is the result of the refined power of true agarwood oil marrying the oceanic seduction of a pure ambergris tincture. This is the interior of a classic seafaring yacht—sublimely sophisticated beauty surrounded by the enthralling allure of the sea. This is no cowboy's cuir.


EO No 2 puts the animal spirit at center stage with real Siberian musk, the very flesh of life’s primal forces, refined and enhanced, through alchemic genius, with forests of cedar, mountains of rose and sambac, and rivers of vivid cumin to produce an exquisite, yet commanding composition that effuses vitality and sophistication.

Iris Galia recalls an age, not too long ago, of regal elegance. Iris, blue lotus, costus root, deer-musk, and ambergris mingle with supple orris butter, and vintage agarwood to produce an opulent scent that is, without hyperbole or fear of contradiction, of imperial stature.

EO Private Blend is work of counter-revolution, with over 40 of nature's floral and botanical essences merged into a pure deer-musk tincture. The result is a sublimely blended, brilliantly spiced, intense forest essence that makes a bold olfactory statement reminding us that beauty was never won by the timid. 

For the presentation of this elite parfum lineup, Ensar Oud collaborated with legendary leather master Habib Dingle.


The result is a handsome work of unpretentious polish in the form of hefty French glass in a jacket of full-grain, Italian calf hide, capped with dark wood that hints appropriately at the contemplative beauty and refinement of these parfums.  

Parfums en Mission

While luxury is most certainly an appropriate term for this lineup, the significance of these compositions is by no means confined to prestige. These are works of art that showcase the inimitable and vivacious elegance of nature's aromatics.

In contrast, today's perfumes are, in reality, among the last remaining relics of the cavalier mindset of 19th and 20th centuries typified in Oscar Wilde's gibe, "The first duty in life is to be as artificial as possible." Well, in the 21st century, nowhere is that sentiment more faithfully upheld and more joyfully—and profitably—celebrated than in the perfume industry.

Insofar as there is a war going on for hearts and minds regarding whether perfume should be essentially artificial or natural, EO Parfums are more than a statement, more than a platoon. EO Parfums are themselves an unmitigated repudiation of the artifice that is the modern perfume. These compositions are nature's Janissaries.

And there's no better way to join the fight!