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Ensar Oud hasn’t just revolutionized the agarwood world. He’s also been a staunch advocate for natural aromatics, responsible for legions of people ditching harmful synthetics.


We’ve all witnessed the insane lengths this one man goes to in order to master, improve, and advance the standards and appreciation of oud oil. The result was the birth of a new breed of essential oils; a new olfactory dimension inaccessible until now. We saw, and smelled, first-hand how the time-honored skill of distillation was creatively turned into an art form.


Thanks to the pioneering work of Ensar Oud and his team, an overly funky, pungent aroma unknown in the West, and often disliked by the few who knew about it, was turned into an olfactory exhibition of sophistication and nuance. And now, as this passion has grown and spilled over into aromatics like frankincense, sandalwood, and precious florals we thought it’s about time to give each of these aromatics their own due and their own space, and dedicate a website to artisanal aromatics.


The aromatics offered by us, the Zaza Collective, are made or acquired in collaboration with Ensar Oud and his core team. This means that you can expect a superior class of aromatics that are in a league all their own. A selection of aromatics that showcase an aesthetic that has made Ensar Oud oils second to none.

Our selection is limited, as every batch is very carefully selected for exquisite quality and superior grade to anything else you find on the market. We personally go to Russia to source our musk (all operations are government licensed) – yes, real musk! Our acclaimed in-house sandalwood distillations are un-traditional and produce exquisitely intricate santal scents held in the highest esteem by the most ardent sandalwood lovers. From using vintage Mysore heartwood to extinct Tanzanian Osyris and centennial Aceh roots, the oils you see listed here are nothing like your run-of-the-mill sandalwood oils.


Our frankincense comes direct from Oman, acquired and graded by us in person. Whether you use frankincense medicinally or meditatively, we ensure that you get top-notch, pure luban. Our selection of florals are ones Ensar personally uses in his perfumery, whereas vintage rarities like aged vetivers are from his personal collection, available exclusively at Zaza Haus. 


Our selection of oud oils exhibit a range that you might find on the market, but—


The key difference is that you will easily pay three, even up to five times the price for comparable oud — and no better — from most other online vendors. Most perfumer suppliers offer dull-Joe ouds they get from massive plantations in Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. The cheapest ouds money can buy, crafted thoughtlessly and without any attention to detail. 

Every ‘artisanal’ oud vendor has sprouted fields plowed by Ensar Oud. He is the go-to reference and father of artisanal oud. But, more than anything, Ensar Oud has always been an educator.
Man-alone he took the blows for exposing fake oud, fake musc, and has been vocal-on-a-mic about the harms and inferiority of synthetic scents. Today still, his poetic, unapologetic criticism of fake ‘artisanal’ affirms his lone-star reputation to tell it as it is. Zaza Haus champions this cause and will continue in his path to tell you what’s what and what’s not.

The advantage you get with the collaboration between Zaza Haus and Ensar Oud is that we have direct access to long-standing and ongoing relationships with distillers who produce the ultra high-end Ensar Oud and Oriscent ouds. The ouds at Zaza Haus give you access to exclusive side-projects conducted by Ensar Oud using the same setups and techniques to create EO and Oriscent ouds. So, we’re able to pass down the savings and the quality of Ensar Oud for you to enjoy lower prices for unmatched quality. 


Good oud comes down to high-grade raw materials, expertly distilled. Zaza Haus oud oil matches, or surpasses most other ouds of the same caliber. Order samples, do a side by side comparison, and you’ll smell the difference. And you’ll understand why the essential oils, specifically the ‘artisanal’ oud market is highly inflated with empty claims made by couch vendors who order their wares from Facebook as they sit in London and Tennessee, and pass them on to you cloaked in marketing jargon. We go the distance, walk the walk and squeeze the most soul-stirring ouds from the very same distilleries, carefully overseeing the process and managing distillation hands-on. 

At Zaza Haus, we all join in Ensar Oud’s OCD and the extremes he goes to… both to satisfy our own frankincense crave and to bring you the most mouthwatering, soul mellowing sandalicious oils, and exquisite florals your nose ever feasted on. Not to mention the oud!

This is an olfactory journey like no other.